EAS Interiors Ltd. is a Company working in Commercial Buildings and Premises

Our Emphasis is on Quality, Service and Safety

We work in partnership with Facilities Management Companies to provide Common Standards and Shared Objectives

EAS are excited to unveil our latest project :

EAS Interiors Ltd have been working on behalf of JWT advertising agency creating the ideal environment for the Polycom OTX 300 Telepresence Experience. (Polycom Website)

The Polycom equipment demanded a very high level of specification regarding the construction of the room.

EAS have met and exceeded the Polycom specification with comments from the New York offices that they now prefer the JWT London Polycom room.

EAS carried out all aspects of the fabric works, electrical, floor finishes, data installation, decorations and assisted with the mechanical teams to ensure delivery of this project on time and on budget. 


EAS present our latest product for meeting rooms and creative offices :

EAS Interiors Ltd has designed a glass wall which is also magnetic.  Using chalk pens you can easily write on this product and when finished simply wipe clean.

If marker pen is accidentally used on this product it can be cleaned off using stronger cleaning products. 

The other great asset of this wall is that it is magnetic.  Which means sheets of A4 and A3 paper can be displayed at the same time as your hand written comments.  

This product comes in many alternate colours however just like Henry Ford we feel that black is the best option.

The product is easy to clean and will prevent the constant damage in meeting rooms from blue tack, velcro and pins on the walls.  Decorating costs will be vastly reduced. 

You do not have to have the product as a full wall.  It can be made to any size.