EAS is a company working in commercial buildings and premises.

Our emphasis is on quality, service and safety.

We work in partnership with facilities management companies to provide common standards and shared objectives.

Who are we?

We are a commercial building company with over 33 years of experience and knowledge in works related to the office environment. We can be a support service for facilities and office managers.

Originally, EAS formed in the 1970s to meet the requirements of the banking sector. From our roots as an electrical installation company, EAS has evolved to meet client's needs. Those needs have been many and varied, but EAS has prided itself on our practical approach to solving problems.

Our customer support policy has been formulated to provide our customers with the service and standards they have the right to expect. The team is there to help with the smallest to the largest of tasks. Our friendly approach has helped maintain links with our customers and continue to grow with new clients.

What we offer

  • Internal Fabric Works - Floors, wall and ceilings and everything in between

  • External Fabric Works - Groundworks, façade painting, landscaping

  • Mechanical works - Pipework alterations, valve/pump replacements, plant replacements

  • Electrical works including installation, testing, control panel replacements

  • Office Removals, relocations and storage

  • BM Trada Qualified - Fire Door Surveys

  • BM Trada Qualified - Fire Door Maintenance

  • BM Trada Qualified - Fire Door Installations

  • Indoor Air Purification - EAS are a preferred installer for https://www.atmosair.com/

  • Indoor Air Monitoring - EAS have access to preferred rate to supply and install the Atmos Aware in room sensor and monitors.

  • Smaller PPM services for single tenants and residential premises to SFG20.